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Freshmen Enrollment Procedures:
1. Submit requirements for entrance examination
            a. Form 138
            b. Certification of Good Moral Character
            c. Certified true copy of birth certificate (Xerox 2 copies)
            d. 2x2 I.D pictures (3 copies)
2. The Registrar will issue you an examination permit
3. Pay at the cashier for entrance fee
4. Return to the Registrar Office for scheduled examination
5. Before enrolling get the result of the entrance examination
6. For block section ask registration card at the registrar’s window
7. For free section ask advisement slip and registration card and proceed to
    third floor and get schedule of subjects.
8. Fill up the registration card, proceed to P.E. & N.S.T.P. Dept. for
9. Proceed to registrar Office for approval
10. Go to Accounting Department for assessment of fees
11. Pay at the Cashier Office
12. Go to Medical Clinic for Medical Exam
13. Present your Registration Card & get your class card cards at the class card
14. After the above, you are officially enrolled.
15. Submit your class card to your respective faculty members on the first day
     of classes.


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