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  Aims and Purposes
      PSBA was conceived in the spirit of service to the Youth whose formal education in business she has to
provide,  and to  society  and  the Nation as a whole whose support she must have in order for her to grow.
      PSBA as an institution of higher learning, assumes the responsibility to educate the Youth so that they will
become good citizens who will practice in their everyday life the true meaning of Christian living; and who
will be able to co-exist in peace, friendship, and dignity with their fellowmen.
      PSBA commits to provide the students with education which will develop in them analytical thinking, self-
expression, moral and social responsibility, and the skill in discovering the truth.
      PSBA aims to give students the knowledge for effective action; to develop in them the capacity to solve problems
and reach decisions in sound and well-organized manner; and assume responsibility for their decisions.
      PSBA commits to equip the students with the basic essential knowledge for the specific careers for which they
preparing themselves. These aims and purposes are PSBA's response to the need of our country to prepare the
Youth for their vital roles in our society.



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